Online shoppers urged to shop early to avoid holiday season delays | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News

Due to the unpredictability of the global supply chain, local online shoppers are being encouraged to start making their Christmas purchases early to avoid delays.

Moreover, the current global supply-chain crisis that is affecting economies like the US could exacerbate uncertainty. The crisis has caused product shortages globally, due mainly to an imbalance between supply and demand, which has caused a surge in freight volumes that has persisted at historically high levels.

“We are encouraging our customers to shop early as delivery times to our warehouse may prove slightly longer than typical,” said Khary Robinson, executive chairman of Mailpac.

He said the ongoing supply-chain issues are well known and documented, so every online store provider is working to mitigate them.

“Their success in that will define the ultimate outcome. But again, if people buy what is available early and not wait until things are ‘out of stock’, then they should have no issues,” said Robinson who noted that Mailpac’s operations have been “relatively glitch-free”, while reiterating that the “wider supply chain can be unpredictable”.

“From the items to get to our warehouse, we are not anticipating any delays there given that we have enhanced our airfreight delivery capacity. We are not anticipating anything unique this peak season. That said, the peak is always an increase in volumes and puts greater stress on our capacity, so we are still encouraging people to shop early.”

He added: “The ‘deal season’ starts as early as November 1, so there is no need to wait on Black Friday. Shop early, get it done with, enjoy your savings and the ease of getting packages outside of the Christmas rush,” Robinson advised.

Meanwhile, CEO of RTA Biz Group, Ryan Anderson, said the global supply-chain issues have not adversely impacted his shipping business.

“We have experienced some delays but not that significant right now. The only problem is the trucker situation, which has dampened our growth and employment plans. There are a reduced number of truckers moving goods for us. But, we are handling it well.”

He said that although he has incurred rate increases from airlines and shipping companies, he will not pass this on to customers this Christmas.

“At RTA, we have been able to keep that down instead of passing it on. We will be giving it like a Christmas gift to our clients,” Anderson stated.