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Opposition spokesperson on Health and Wellness, Dr Morais Guy has called on Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton to immediately explain the sudden resignations of the Chairman of the University Hospital Board (UHWI), Wayne Chai Chong and his deputy, Dr Andre Foote.

They both resigned with immediate effect, according to Guy.

In a statement Thursday, Guy said the Opposition was “extremely disturbed” about possible instability at the UHWI, as the institution is critical to the national public health care system.

He questioned whether the resignations could be related to the protracted recruitment of a new chief executive officer for the hospital.

Guy said there was disquiet at the hospital, and Tufton’s intervention was necessary to resolve the issues and prevent any escalation, which could lead to a disruption of normal hospital services.

“UHWI is the premier medical training institution in the Caribbean and serves a significant portion of the Jamaica population. Therefore, any issue which threatens its normal performance is disturbing to the Opposition as it impacts health care delivery to the Jamaica people,” he said.

The Opposition spokesperson said it was against this background that he was seeking the urgent attention of the minister in the “very concerning” development, recalling that the Christmas season is here, where activities are increased at hospitals.

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