Outrage: JLP politician seen hiding orange towel under female’s dress Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Member of Parliament (MP) for East St Thomas, the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP’s) Dr Michelle Charles, has stoked controversy after a video went viral with her placing an orange towel under the dress of a woman.

Orange is the colour associated with the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP), and while some social media users remain divided on whether Charles’ actions were done to poke fun, others said it seemingly suggests that the politician did not wish for the towel to be inside what appeared to be her (Charles’) constituency office.

In the TikTok video – which was initially posted to Charles’ account on Friday but has since been deleted – a smile emoji accompanied the words, “Election soon call”, along with her constituency logo.

“This haffi hide. This haffi hide now,” said the first-term parliamentarian as she lifted the woman’s attire and placed the towel underneath it.

“Nuh true?” asked Charles to the woman who nodded in agreement.

“Shower Labourites… Alright,” said Charles, a dentist by profession.

Some Twitter users have said that it appears that the actions of Charles were done in jest and were not meant to be taken seriously.

Other persons have, however, condemned her actions, saying that it should have no place in modern Jamaican politics.

“I think Dr (Michelle) Charles was doing this in jest, but it is still very embarrassing for her. This type of antic is dated and just corny (I’m embarrassed for her). Plus, the constituent looks uncomfortable,” said a Twitter user.

Another Twitter user did not support the arguments that the parliamentarian’s actions were done in jest.

“No jest, no joke!! This is crazy!! The poor woman being embarrassed by the MP who supposed to represent everyone and just because of an orange towel.

“Dem nuh memba when St Hughes girls and C Bar boys were harassed because of the colour of uniform. Sad Sad!!” the man tweeted.

A woman asked: “Is that what’s representing taxpayers? MP?”

She added: “How rude… She (Charles) gone under the woman’s dress. Embarrassing that someone has to subject themself to this kind of belittlement.”

Meanwhile, other people came to the defence of Charles.

“When unnuh nuh like somebody unnuh nuh like them enuh, because to me this just seem like regular Jamaican political champs type antics,” said a Twitter user.

Shared another: “The lady might be uncomfortable, but this is just political banter and comedy. It’s part of our politics, so why the uproar?”

The video comes at a time when the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) has raised concerns about the divisive rhetoric from leaders of the society, especially those within the Opposition PNP.

The organisation pointed to the comments made by PNP General Secretary, Dr Dayton Campbell, about Cabinet Minister Daryl Vaz on the political platform, and the “venomous and misogynistic” attack against Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn by attorney and former chair of the PNP’s Human Rights Committee, Isat Buchanan.

The PSOJ said amidst the recurring instances of political misconduct, the urgent need to reinstate the Office of the Political Ombudsman becomes increasingly apparent.

“We advocate for the political ombudsman to be vested with the necessary powers to effect meaningful sanctions, ensuring accountability and fairness in our political landscape,” stated the PSOJ in a release earlier this week.