Over 100 tablets with literacy app gifted to 23 schools Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Deeply committed to enriching educational opportunities for Jamaican children Winsome Wishes for KIDS (WWKIDS) recently donated over 100 tablets equipped with the 2023 UNESCO award-winning GraphoGame app to 23 schools across the island.

The handover ceremony, rich in symbolism, took place at Vaz Preparatory School, the educational cornerstone of the founder, Simone Fisher Sobers. This school holds a special place in her heart as it is her first educational foundation, making it a poignant location for such a meaningful distribution of tablets.

The timing of the event on May 1, coinciding with the anniversary of the passing of Simone’s late sister, Winsome Kirkland, and the start of National Child Month, added a deeper layer of significance to the occasion.

From left: Claudette Edwards, vice principal and reading specialist at August Town Primary School, Nicole Bella, Head of Education at UNESCO Caribbean, August Town Primary student and Simone Sobers, founder of Winsome Wishes for KIDS.

The event was attended by an estimated 60 guests, including guest speaker, Nicole Bella, Head of Education at UNESCO Caribbean, Education Officer for Region One, Christine Bartley, esteemed educators, students, and community members.

Bella, the guest speaker, shared profound insights into the high levels of illiteracy in the region and the transformative potential of literacy initiatives.

Sandra Bramwell-Rose, CEO of Versan Educational Services and WWKIDS Education Advisor, emphasised in her welcoming remarks, “Jamaica needs more illumination in our educational sector, more innovative ideas to help thousands of children attain their full potential, develop critical thinking, and build a stronger nation.”

Simone Sobers, (right) founder and president of Winsome Wishes for KIDS, presents Nicole Bella, Head of Education at UNESCO Caribbean, with a token of appreciation for delivering remarks at the handing-over event.

Simone Fisher Sobers expressed heartfelt gratitude to the board of Winsome Wishes for KIDS, generous contributors, and extended a special thank you to The Giuffra and Bhalai Family for their invaluable donation of the tablets. These tablets, equipped with the GraphoGame app, aim to make literacy enhancement more accessible and engaging for children in need.

Schools across Jamaica, stretching from Quickstep in St. Elizabeth, have received this donation, including August Town Primary, Bellfield Primary, Clan Carthy Primary, Discovery Bay Primary, Gerald Murray Learning Center, Giblatore Primary, Gideon Educational Centre, Herrick Basic, Hopewell Primary, Lannaman’s Prep, Luck Valley, McAuley Primary, New Haven SDA Basic, Padmore Primary, Porus Primary, New Haven SDA Basic, Quickstep Primary, Springvale Primary, Sunrays Basic, Tophill Primary, Unity Prep, Vaz Prep and Galina SDA Church Reading programme. WWKIDS aims for these tablets to become a crucial tool in combating the country’s concerning illiteracy rates, offering vital support for both students and teachers in enhancing literacy skills.

“We believe that every child deserves access to quality education, and through initiatives like this, we are working towards creating a brighter future for Jamaica,” said Simone Fisher Sobers, Founder and President of Winsome Wishes for KIDS.

Winsome Wishes for KIDS remains steadfast in its mission to empower Jamaican youth through literacy, and this donation marks another significant step towards achieving that goal and encouraging Jamaicans to download the Graphogame App (UK English version). Once downloaded, no Internet connection is required to play this fun educational game.