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Fatherhood has completely turned Ian Lee Stewart’s life around and if it means giving his last to his two-year-old son Kishane and doing without, it’s a sacrifice he will gladly make.

Still, the hardworking dad, in between his juggling and trying to make ends meet with the mother of his child, Damonia Dockery, could not manage to give them a better house to live in.

Living in a one-bedroom concrete dwelling with a shaky foundation – the left side collapsed, and him having to use old pieces of zinc to fix it into a kitchen, he tries his best to, but the rainy seasons have given him more discomfort than he can deal with.

Two-year-old Khalil Stewart, son of Ian Stewart, opens the door to his new home which was gifted to his family by BOOM Energy Drink in partnership with Food For The in Ballards, Clarendon.

There are days when he wonders if he would ever save enough to give his family the kind of dwelling they deserve, instead of having them use a makeshift bathroom that is used for bathing only and borrowing the neighbour’s pit latrine to ease themselves.

More and more his dream of having a place to call home where he can grow his son and seeing him have his own space and a proper bathroom seemed distant. That is until he got that phone call which completely turned his life around. He had been selected to receive a home from Boom Energy Drink in partnership with Food For The Poor.

Hardly able to contain his happiness he said the house will make a big difference as his former dwelling was leaking and falling apart. For Stewart, being a father has changed his entire outlook on life and if he overindulges his son it’s only because it’s his first child and he wants to give him more than he ever had.

After five years of high school, he graduated without sitting a single subject as his parents never had the money. It was his dream to eventually sit some subjects but working and living expenses have seen that dream being put on the back burner. Now a father, Stewart is determined that fate will not be his son’s. He is resolute that he will have all that he needs.

“In life when you get a youth everything motivates you, so you have to try focus to get a better job, get a better life. Certain things you used to do you have to stop. You don’t want him to grow up and be like you, continuing the struggle on and off. You have to put him in the right place,” he noted.

Stewart said his dream for Kishane is for him to go to college and achieve more than he ever did. Among the changes fatherhood has brought into his life, he said is that he comes home earlier, just so he can spend time with his son. He also had high praises for the mother of his son as he said a lot of women would not stick around in the rough times, but she motivates him and even helps him to achieve. “Some lady would a get up and say she can’t live in this situation, she sticks around,” he shared.

As for Damonia, she praises Ian’s fatherly skills as well as his determination to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. When he earns she says he gives her everything but she tells him to “take something for yourself and give me the rest,” she admitted.

Most of all, she said she appreciates the fact that he sticks around and tries to secure work close by as she recalls how she missed her own father when he went away.

Stewart who received the house in time for Father’s Day said he didn’t even know that Sunday would be that day.

“Words cannot explain, I never considered Father’s Day, I was focusing on my son and baby mother’s birthday,” he confessed.

For his parting shot, Stewart said he is encouraging those who are charged with the awesome responsibility of being a father to get a skill, work hard and come home to their family.