‘Own di lane to di main’: Shenseea buys land for Romeich | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Just weeks after Shenseea gifted her team brand new Rolex watches, the ‘Alpha’ artiste has amped things up even more by buying Romeich Major land in the Corporate Area.

Romeich shared the news on his Instagram page on Thursday, telling his one million followers that he now owns the land adjacent to the Romeich Entertainment headquarters on Campbell’s Boulevard in Kingston.

He showed off the property in a short video, in which he expressed his gratitude to Shenseea for the “best gift ever”.

“A mi dream fi have ya so, cause a pon di main. So a own di lane to the main, and mi just a seh big up to Shenseea cause a she buy dis gi mi. I love you, thank you so much,” he said in the video.

And, in the lengthy caption that accompanied the post, the artiste manager and businessman further extolled Shenseea’s kindness.

“She bought me the land that I could not get that completes me owning the front part of Campbells blvd???? its all happiness and joy #oneteamonedream,” he said. “That’s why me tell uno people do good and good will reach uno don’t watch the chatting and negativity. Positivity is Key!!!.”

Just a few weeks ago, while gifting her team Rolex watches, Shenseea vowed that as long as she is able, there is nothing that she would not do for her “day ones”.

“I remember when we had to do free shows over and over again to promote my brand. Thank you! Your loyalty is never unnoticed. When I’m up, my team is up! My day ones,” she said in an Instagram post.