Parents fuming over garbage pileup at primary school Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Parents of students attending the Maxfield Park Primary School in St Andrew are fed up with the smell emanating from the weeks’ old pileup of garbage that is on the school compound.

Loop News understands that the National Solid Waste Management Authority, which manages the collection of waste, has not collected garbage from the Maxfield Park community-based school in four weeks.

“A because a inna the ghetto the school deh why dem a treat it so. We pickney dem a somebody too. Since my son come here him catch fungus in him head, mi naw seh a must here him get it but the place nuh stay good sometimes,” an irate parent told Loop News.

It’s said that sometimes the whole school compound smells awful for days because of the uncollected garbage causing the child to feel nauseous. The parents said that sometimes the child refuses to eat lunch due to the smell.

Loop News understands that on several occasions the school — with somewhere around 500 students — had to call Member of Parliament for the area Dr Peter Phillips to intervene on their behalf when the pileup of garbage becomes too great.

“But is the garbage people dem work to collect the garbage. We shouldn’t have to call any MP fi that to happen. Dem fi do them work weh dem a get paid fi do. Is we little baby dem ah suffer,” the parent said.

Loop News tried unsuccessfully to get comments from the National Solid Waste Management Authority.

Our calls were directed to the Community Relations Department, however, no one took them after multiple tries.