Parents of murdered 9-y-o Gabriel King hurt by public speculations | Loop Jamaica

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The parents of Gabriel King, the 9-year-old boy murdered in Montego Bay, St James in January, are appealing for persons who may have information that could lead to the arrest of their son’s killer(s) to come forward.

Gabriel was killed on January 13 after his mother was reportedly assaulted and dragged from the motor car in which the two were travelling.

The child’s body was subsequently found in the vehicle.

On Tuesday, the parents released a statement through Queen’s Counsel Jacqueline Samuels-Brown, in which they outlined that they have fully cooperated with investigators and called for persons with information to come forward.

“In the midst of their grief Gabriel’s parents have given their full cooperation to the police investigators; including voluntarily providing detailed statements, submitting material for forensic examination, facilitating police interviews with other persons who may have potentially relevant information and offering assistance in making appeals to the public for information that could advance the investigation,” read a section of the statement.

“They remain committed to providing any further assistance or information required by the investigators and would also be most grateful if anyone with potentially relevant information would also share this with the police,” the statement added.

At the same time, Gabriel’s parents complained that they have been hurt by public speculations regarding his death.

“Their grief and suffering have been made more painful by the selective and incomplete publication of information relative to the crime and to the police investigations, and which have led to speculation and misconceptions in the public domain.

“However, they remain confident, and that the forensic evidence will confirm the accuracy of the reports made to the police and are hopeful that the investigations will be expeditiously completed with the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator or perpetrators of these heinous crimes and that justice for their son Gabriel will be achieved,” the statement added.

The parents pointed out that the records will show that the police were immediately called on the scene and commenced investigations on the initiative of Gabriel’s mother.

“Gabriel’s parents wish to thank the police for their quick response to the 119 call immediately after Gabriel’s abduction and kidnapping and to thank all who have cooperated with the police investigations and who have provided emotional and spiritual support to them and the rest of their family at this very difficult time,” the statement added.