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The alleged theft of several items from a phone repair shop has landed 18-year-old Jamaican, Tyrese Oglivie before the court in Antigua and Barbuda.

Oglivie appeared on Tuesday in the St John’s Magistrate’s Court where the case was adjourned and a committal hearing set for September 13.

It is alleged that in early January, the complainant returned to his store and noticed that it had been broken into. Among the items stolen were a number of smartphones, phone screens, earphones, and chargers — all valued at more than EC$40,000.

The police were subsequently called to the scene and it was theorised that the robbers used a hammer and crowbar to gain access to the building.

A review of CCTV footage led to the identification of two suspects, one of whom was seen with a grey bag and wearing Nike slippers.

The complainant was informed a week later that a phone screen matching one of those stolen from his store was being sold on Facebook.

An arrangement was made by the complainant and he met the seller at his business place, after which the police were notified and Oglivie pointed out.

A subsequent search of Oglivie’s apartment reportedly revealed several phones and screens, as well as the bag and slipper matching those worn by one of the robbers captured on the CCTV footage.

The Jamaican was later arrested and charged.

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