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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News
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A taxi driver flouting the Road Traffic Act on Red Hills Road in St Andrew on Wednesday.

They largely do it at any hour of the day and just about anywhere they are traversing.

With virtual impunity, many taxi operators routinely and wantonly defy the provisions of the Road Traffic Act, but not everyday one is caught on camera in the act of doing so.

Some time ago, after a dramatic act of indiscretion by a bus drive on the then newly resurfaced Constant Spring Road in St Andrew, the police asked for videos and photos of traffic breaches to be provided by members of the public.

In this case, a taxi operator was seen overtaking a line of traffic on Red Hills Road in St Andrew, forcing an oncoming vehicle to quickly pull over to avoid a collision.

That scenario has emerged as our Photo of the Day. Hopefully the police are still interested in such a detailed outline of what definitely should not have been.

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