PHOTOS: Broken foot and all, Toni-Ann Singh was a hit at Ja 60 launch | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Miss World 2019, Jamaican Toni-Ann Singh, with a broken calf, was one of the centres of attraction at the launch of the celebrations of Jamaica’s 60th anniversary as an independent nation recently at Jamaica House.

Singh, limping on crutches, drew a crowd at the end of the event, as her radiance attracted all to her space, including dignitaries and Government ministers who wanted to get a picture or to affix their signatures on the cast.

According to a light-hearted Singh, the bone in the calf was broken in a weird accident approximately four weeks ago, which hampered her ability to perform the two songs that she belted out for the audience at the event.

“It’s actually silly, but I wasn’t doing anything, I was just sitting and someone accidentally fell on it. I need to find a better story. I need to say something like I was fighting a bear, but that is it,” she said jokingly.

Singh, however, stated that X-rays earlier on Wednesday showed that the healing process was well under way, which should enable her to be once again fully operational shortly.

She said she had to make singing adjustments for the performances, which was interspersed between activities on the programme, but she credited God with allowing her to deliver for the appreciative audience.

“Vocally, I wanted to be able to stand up so that I can access as much air as possible, and so I had to redo how I was placing the notes so that I could still hit them without accessing the full range of air and control that I have when I am standing.

“God is good and I always ask him to take Toni-Ann out of the equation that I could do the best I can, and however it comes out, that is how it is supposed to. I enjoyed it, so it was for me a win, so I definitely felt happy. It’s Jamaica’s 60th, I get to share in the joy and do what I love doing,” she said.

She was grateful for the love shown to her, which she also credited to God.

“I realised that as long as I continue to let God use me, as long as I continue to lead with love, then it’s an energy, that it is my love to other people’s hearts, and I hope that I can continue to build this kind of environment,” she said.

Singh won the Miss World in 2019 and only recently handed over the crown in Puerto Rico, as the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the staging of the event for two years.

She is Jamaica’s fourth Miss World winner after Joan Crawford in 1963, Cindy Breakspeare in 1976, and Lisa Hanna in 1993.