Pizza Hut spreads cheer, delicious treats to children in 2 parishes Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

While embracing the spirit of giving, Pizza Hut provided heartwarming treats and gift donations to The Nest Children’s Home in Kingston and the Hanbury Children’s Home in Manchester. 

The team feted over 50 children aged 5 to 18 by delivering Pizza Hut meals and personalised gifts. They also engaged in holiday-themed festivities and games while adorning the homes with decorations during the visits on December 13 and 19. 

“I truly consider it an extra special treat because they look forward to the Pizza Hut team’s visit, constantly asking ‘when are the pizza people coming?’. What makes it even more delightful is that Pizza Hut brings something different each year. This year the gifts were personalised and handed to each child. It sends a message that they are each special and you have them all in your hearts. We are also so appreciative that you took the time out to decorate our home, and for all this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” said Captain Keith Haughton.

Major Hery Leconte of The Salvation Army – Hanbury Children’s Home warmly welcomed Pizza Hut Marketing Officer, Levene Sheriff to their home.

The day’s festivities included carolling to the children’s favourite songs, savouring slices of pizza, engaging in lively games of hopscotch, unboxing gifts tailored to each child’s request, and collectively decorating a  Christmas tree with the Pizza Hut team. 

Continuing their journey of spreading joy, the Pizza Hut team headed to Kendal All Age in Manchester to share the holiday spirit with the children and staff of Hanbury Children’s Home, catering to 35 children, nine staff members, and two managers. 

Major Hery Leconte of The Salvation Army – Hanbury Children’s Home expressed the profound impact of such gestures, saying, “When the children are treated in this way, and at this time especially, they feel loved and they feel remembered. For the company to engage with our children in this way, it shows the love they have for others. I hope these visits become more frequent because they do make a difference and have a great impact. Instead of once a year, let’s make it a regular thing.”

The Pizza Hut team joined the children for a photo-op before sharing warm slices of pizza with each child.

 In addition to bringing joy to the children’s homes, the Pizza Hut team extended their generosity to two top customers from each restaurant islandwide and four top digital fans. 

Pizza Hut Jamaica Marketing Officer, Levene Sheriff, affirmed the company’s commitment to this annual tradition, expressing: “We’ve always enjoyed spreading joy to children across the island every Christmas. 

Treating them to pizza and personalised gifts is a significant aspect of the brand’s tradition, and we make it a priority. However, this year, we aimed for something extra special. We decided to transform the outdoor play and dining area into a festive space that mirrors the Christmas season and festivities. We also opted to engage in carolling with the children. I’m glad our team continues to be in a position to carry  out these initiatives, and we will continue to make them even more special.”