PNP councillor in North Trelawny to be honoured for work in the south Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

People’s National Party (PNP) Councillor for the Duncans Division in Trelawny Northern, Fabian  Davis, is to be honoured for the work he did within the neighbouring Trelawny Southern constituency, where he was the caretaker for two years.

Speaking at the PNP’s Duncans Divisional Conference on Sunday, recently announced PNP caretaker for Trelawny Southern, former independent councillor for the Lorrimers Division, Paul Patmore, expressed gratitude to Davis for serving the constituency for two year, while campaigning for the Duncans Division.

Davis defeated the Jamaica Labour Party’s Donovan White in the last local government elections to secure the Duncans Division.

“We are planning something for comrade Davis at our general conference, but I know that most of you from Duncans Division might not be there. So, I want to openly say to you, thank you for lending comrade Davis to us for two years. South Trelawny is what it is today because of the work that comrade Davis has put in in South Trelawny,” Patmore stated.

“And comrade Davis don’t want to say it, and your former workers are here, and they are here to let you know that we appreciate you.”

Patmore stated that Davis was his contemporary at Holmwood Technical High School in Manchester.

“I must tell you, comrade Davis and myself, we went to Holmwood (Technical High School) together,” Patmore said.

Also in attendance at Sunday’s conference at Duncans Primary School in Trelawny was Dr Wykeham McNeill, who will take over as the PNP’s representative in Trelawny Northern from Dennis Meadows, who was also present.

Meadows is said to be McNeill’s campaign manager.