PNP plans to return solid waste collection/disposal to municipal Corps Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) is proposing to return control of solid waste collection and disposal to the municipal corporations across the country.

The legislative change would take effect if the Opposition political party wins the February 26 Local Government Elections and the subsequent General Elections.

The proposed policy change was among several priorities outlined by the PNP in its 16-page Local Government manifesto that was released on Thursday.

The document is titled ‘Time Come For C•H•A•N•G•E – PNP policy priorities for Local Government’.

The acronym ‘CHANGE’ stands for community development and citizen security; healthy citizens, healthy communities; access and accountability; new vision for Local Government; garbage collection, disposal and environmental protection; and economic models for success and entertainment regulation.

The PNP’s proposed new policy for garbage collection would require the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) to concentrate solely on regulatory and effective enforcement activities..

“This strategic move deepens democratic accountability by ensuring elected Local Government representatives are directly responsible to citizens for efficient garbage collection,” the PNP stated.

Further, the party said returning the responsibility of solid waste management to local authorities is an important element of its “strategy” to fix what it labelled as “the continued deterioration of garbage collection”.

For this to be done, a PNP-led Government would amend the NSWMA Act to separate operations from regulation.

Consequently, the NSWMA would be reverted to its core function as a regulator of solid waste services and an enforcer of solid waste disposal laws.

In the area of environmental protection, the PNP said it will mandate municipal corporations to “advocate strongly for improvement, including recycling, by exploring partnerships with NGOs, the private sector and international development partners.”

The party is also planning, in Government, to launch public education initiatives on garbage separation and sorting at the household, as well as the commercial, levels.