PNP Women’s Movement condemns Buchanan in wake of comments on DPP Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Acknowledging Isat Buchanan’s resignation at the People’s National Party’s Human Rights chair, the party’s Women’s Movement strongly condemned the “unacceptable” public remarks made about a female leader in Jamaica.

It said in a release Monday that such behaviour goes against the principles and values of the PNP.

“We are fully aware of the pressing gender inequality issue and normalised violence against women in our country. As we strive to build a society grounded in equality and social justice, the People’s National Party remains steadfast in our commitment to transforming the power dynamics between men and women.

“Our swift acceptance of Mr Buchanan’s resignation, upon learning of the unfortunate incident, demonstrates our consistent stance against all forms of abuse or violence towards women,” the release said.

Minister of Gender Affairs Olivia Grange on Monday called on the PNP Women’s Movement to condemn Buchanan’s utterances, which she said was done under the guise that it was said by his client.

President of the PNP Women’s Movement Patricia Duncan Sutherland of the PNP Women’s Movement emphasised the need for extensive efforts to reshape the Jamaican mindset regarding the treatment and portrayal of women.

It insisted that true transformation can only occur Jamaica’s country’s leaders set a positive example for citizens.

Duncan Sutherland said she appreciates the swift action taken by the leaders of the PNP, distancing themselves from the “offensive comments”, as it sends a clear message that such inappropriate utterances will not be tolerated within the Opposition party.

While the PNP continues to advocate for gender equality, the party’s Women’s Movement said it believes that the fight against violence and misogyny should be a shared cause.

“We call on the women leaders of the JLP to join us in denouncing acts of violence against women, regardless of the political affiliation of the abusers. Recent incidents, including those involving JLP Councillor for the Mobay West Division, David Brown… and JLP Member of Parliament George Wright… require outrage from political leaders, especially our women leaders in Parliament.

“The country is watching to see how these matters will be addressed by the JLP, and whether these individuals will continue to represent their party in future elections,” the PNP Women’s Movement said.

The political party said it remains committed to addressing gender inequality, promoting respect for women, and creating a fair and just society that benefits all citizens.

“Our dedication to these values and principles will guide our actions and policies as we work to make a positive impact in our country,” the women’s group said.