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Poisoned: Dr Dawes speaks out

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Popular medical doctor and Dawes People’s National Party (PNP) standard bearer for South East St Catherine, Dr Alfred Dawes says the reports that were circulating last year that  he was poisoned were true.

Dawes said for months he has been holding back information about what he believes was a plot against his life but has decided to come forward to speak his mind.

He made the comments while speaking at a special workers meeting held in Portmore on Sunday.

Last year when the reports first surfaced Dawes, in an interview reported that he had an allergic reaction to food he ate at a restaurant.

Dawes  said the medical reports have come back to state otherwise.

According to Dawes he feels the move was part of a bigger plan to, harm or tarnish his name.

Dawes at the meeting said there were somethings he did not want to disclose at the time but said he felt he had to now come out and let it be known.

Dawes is seeking to be the PNP candidate for St Catherine South Eastern in the general election due 2025.

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