Police evidence leads to Kingston mechanic being freed of gun charge Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The prosecution failed in its bid last week to secure a conviction relative to a Kingston mechanic in whose car an illegal firearm was allegedly found three years ago.

The crown could not reasonably prove that the weapon belonged to him, as was required under the law.

Donovan Brown was freed of illegal possession of firearm and illegal possession of ammunition charges during his trial in the Gun Court section of the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston on Thursday.

It was reported that on December 19, 2019, Brown was sitting in his car along Old Hope Road in St Andrew, when he was approached by a police team and a subsequent search of his vehicle led to a firearm being found and seized.

During the trial, police witnesses testified that they observed two other men outside the vehicle in question.

One of those men, said the police, placed the weapon inside the motor vehicle.

Brown’s attorney, during a no-case submission, argued that the prosecution had failed to prove that his client was the owner of the weapon.

According to the attorney, prosecutors failed to establish the elements of possession, including custody, control and knowledge, as required by the law.

High Court Judge Justice Carolyn Tie-Powell agreed with the submissions, and freed Brown of the charges.