Police Federation calls on Gov’t to act on toll access for cops | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

“Enough is enough!”

That’s the word from the Jamaica Police Federation as it calls on the Government to act promptly to “liberate” police officers following the death of a colleague and the injury of a woman in a crash on the Edward Seaga (North-South) Highway in St Ann on Saturday night.

It was reported that police officers in St Ann had difficulties with toll road access following the crash.

Pointing out that national security is big business and that citizens should be protected, Chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation Corporal Rohan James raised several questions in an interview with Loop News, essentially issuing an ultimatum to those in authority.

“The police hands must not be tied by our employers and it is time that they liberate us to operate effectively to protect the citizens of this country, it cannot be business as usual.

“Going forward is either the Government wants us to police the highway, or they don’t want us to police the highway. Is either they want us to police the country, or they don’t want us to police the country. The citizens must now determine whose best interest is being served. Enough is enough,” said Corporal James.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing, but based on preliminary information, a senior policeman told Loop News that the accident occurred sometime after 8 pm on Saturday, and Constable Carr was seen by medical personnel at St Ann’s Bay Hospital sometime after 1am.

On the heels of the crash, too, a call has also come from St Ann South Eastern Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna for police stations to be given toll exemptions to access the highway.

“The North-South Highway has two toll stations in South East St Ann for entrances and exits: Unity Valley and Golden Grove. As I reflect on the events surrounding this tragedy, I call on the Government to ensure that local police station vehicles, for example, those at the Claremont, Moneague and St Ann’s Bay police stations, have full access to the highway with toll exemptions. At the moment, there is no such agreement in place, which delayed their ability to respond.

“Our emergency vehicles must have free movement and access to the highways and road networks if they are to serve, assist and better protect our citizens. Not to do so may delay police emergency access in critical incidents, which can lead to loss of lives,” she said.

Following the death of the cop on Saturday, some members of the police force were upset and called on the Police Federation to intervene.