‘Politics is in the pits!’ says Damion Crawford Loop Jamaica

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Opposition Senator Damion Crawford has condemned the state of politics in Jamaica following statements made by Member of Parliament (MP) for Manchester Central, Rhoda Crawford, that she has faced a slew of slanderous insinuations about her personal life since entering the political arena.

Rhoda has been gaining the support of some social media users since she broke her silence and addressed the rumours during an interview with Cliff Hughes on Nationwide 90 FM on Wednesday morning.

One of the speculations which the first-term Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) parliamentarian categorically denied was that she was ever involved in an intimate relationship with Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

“These rumours started from the time that I was in G2K (the JLP’s young professional arm) when I just came fresh from the scene and wanted to enter and expand, and some of them (the rumours) started to emerge around the time of the (JLP) leadership challenge, and then they died down, and then they started to take a different spin,” she stated in the interview.

Also, she denied ever being pregnant, pointing to that as a rumour which she said was started by a PNP parliamentarian during the visit of the Rwandan president in April of 2022.

Rhoda said at the time she was battling with fibroids and her tummy had a “bulge”.

“One parliamentarian from the other side made a laugh and said, ‘Look like Rhoda is pregnant’, and that is where it just spiralled from there,” she said, adding that the chose to ignore the rumours and continue with her political work.

Bloggers of the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) and others have since been pushing the assertion about her in recent times.

Damion Crawford

In fact, Rhoda said she contemplated taking legal action when the rumours re-emerged during the local government election campaign in February, but she decided to battle through them in order not to hurt the JLP and its candidates.

Damion Crawford took to X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday to give his perspectives on the present national political landscape, stating that, “What is happening to @RhodaMCrawford is evidence that politics is in the pits.

“I’m sorry she felt pushed to be (go) public,” he said.

Meanwhile, other users on X have been supporting Rhoda following her disclosures about the assertions that are being peddled about her.

“I respect Rhoda Moy (Crawford) for facing the issue head-on and speaking out… I hope she doesn’t get backlash for it,” a woman wrote.

Shared another: “I am happy Rhoda is venting and addressing the rumours head-on. It is nasty for her personal life to be used as political football.”

A man said that, “I hope Rhoda contemplates taking legal action now that all is out in the air. Your reputation must be protected at all cost, because it is all you will ever have.”

On Instagram, a man opined that the recent and present political atmosphere is disturbing and needs to be addressed.

“I don’t want to see this country go back to the 70s, and based on all mi a see a gwaan with the rumours, fake news, mischief, it seems like a repeat of history. PNP, JLP get in order! Rhoda, I’m sorry you faced this,” the man commented.

Another woman said Rhoda’s interview should spark a national conversation about the challenges faced by women in politics, and the need for greater respect, as well as decorum, in the political arena.

“There needs to be a shift in focus towards issues that truly matter to Jamaicans, rather than personal attacks and rumours,” added the woman.

Said another female Instagrammer: “I hate rumours. Oh gosh, I can’t imagine what Rhoda is facing every day.”

Commented a man: “No one should undergo this. Need fi start sue these vloggers that (who) speak rubbish with no evidence!”

Rhoda Crawford first entered representational politics in the 2020 General Election when she defeated former National Security Minister, Peter Bunting, to take the PNP bastion of Manchester Central for the JLP.