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iStock image shows a group of friends having beer on the beach.

From the loads of party pictures on social media pages, long traffic lines, and booked out venues, it safe to say Jamaicans have been making the most of the extended Easter weekend.

But having fun also comes at a cost, sometimes more money than we plan on spending.

Ahead of the Easter break, some of us had pencilled out just how much we hoped to spend over Easter break. With just a day left before the Easter festivities end, we want to know how you are doing financially?

Are you within budget for your Easter spending?

Yes, I am within my Easter budget

20% (1 vote)

No, I’ve long exceeded that budget

0% (0 votes)

I never even thought of creating a budget for Easter

0% (0 votes)

No need to create a budget. I have no money to spend

80% (4 votes)

Total votes: 5

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