Poll: Did you take advantage of Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals? Loop Jamaica

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the weekend-long sale that brings scores of consumers to the plazas, stores and e-commerce websites like Amazon, happened a few days ago.

Up to Wednesday, many deals were still available as business owners sought to capitalize on consumers on the hunt for door-buster deals.

The discounts this year, ranging from 10 to 70 per cent off, were appealing enough to get consumers to purchase wish list items, gift-giving items and even goods for future use.

For instance, the US reports that this year’s turnout topped the 179 million reported during last year’s holiday weekend.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales

Yes, I’ve been budgeting for this sale since the year started

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No, I did not find the sale prices to be good

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I found a couple of good deals that I jumped on

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I just went to enjoy the outdoors and do some window-shopping

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