Private sector pays tribute to Danny Williams Loop Jamaica

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The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) and Sagicor Group Jamaica are mourning the loss of Dr Raby Danvers Williams, fondly referred to as R. Danny Williams.

He was a revered founding member, philanthropist, and committed public servant, and his passing has left them deeply saddened.

Williams was an exceptional Jamaican businessman, patriot, and philanthropist. He passed away on Saturday, September 16.

He was a true beacon of Jamaica, remembered for his selfless service to nation-building and significant contributions to both the public and private sectors, the PSOJ said.

Williams played a pivotal role in achieving numerous significant milestones and successes within Sagicor Group Jamaica.

This 2017 file photo shows R. Danny Williams (seated at right), outgoing Chairman of the Sagicor Group Jamaica, as he was conferred the honour of being named Director Emeritus of the Group by Stephen McNamara (standing), Chairman of Sagicor Financial Corporation. Pictured left is Richard Byles, who replaced Williams as chairman at the time.

Sagicor, in paying tribute, said Williams’ vision for creating an insurance company to protect lives through life insurance was realised through the formation of Life of Jamaica in 1970.

“It is because of his visionary leadership and mentorship that Sagicor continues to stand strong,” Sagicor said in its tribute.

The PSOJ acknowledged Williams for his exceptional passion and dedication to advancing the life insurance industry and contributing to the nation’s growth.

It also fondly recognises Williams for his remarkable ability to bring people together and navigate difficulties with grace and humility.

In addition to his contributions to the private sector, Dr Williams was dedicated to Jamaica’s education and youth, leaving an indelible legacy that has touched so many lives.

He was awarded the National Honour of Commander of the Order of Distinction (CD) and the Order of Jamaica (OJ) for voluntary service to his community. In 1997, he was inducted into the PSOJ Hall of Fame and honoured in 2013 as a founding member.

Williams’ vision and leadership have been crucial in shaping our organisation’s mission and goals. He steadfastly believed in Jamaica’s potential for growth and prosperity through an inclusive, unified, and robust private sector.

He also served his country as senator and state minister, using his business acumen in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce between 1977 and 1980.

Williams continued to serve on public and private sector boards, giving his time and resources. His exceptional work in supporting the small business sector was commemorated when the Small Business Association of Jamaica named a training centre after him.

His commitment to social causes was remarkable.

He founded the Lister Mair Gilbey School for the Deaf and drove the development of the institution’s training centre, creating opportunities for the deaf and hard of hearing. His philanthropic efforts underscore his unwavering commitment to social equity.

“Danny epitomised the meaning of being a humanitarian. He made service his life’s work and continued to build on his strong legacy of giving back, insisting he “owed so much to so many”, yet is it to him that much was owed,” Sagicor said in its tribute.