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Chief Technical Director, Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC), Tamar Nelson

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Chief Technical Director at the Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC), Tamar Nelson, is calling on researchers to partner with the organisation to support the mission to make Jamaica a more productive society.

She was addressing the recent productivity and innovation research seminar at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) offices in Kingston.

Nelson said research is critical in unearthing unique issues that affect productivity.

“Through research, we have done work on energy costs and to explore the impact of COVID-19. We have supported the education sector and the private and public sectors in terms of being more efficient, so this is the path that we want to continue on and widen.

“That is why we have created this forum to highlight and promote research being done… and we think that’s the beginning of a conversation that can positively influence our productivity pathway here in Jamaica,” she said.

Nelson noted that the forum will assist in informing the policy direction and understanding of matters relating to productivity.

“So, we know that there’s a plethora of [issues] and areas of interest at this time to speak on. We have transportation, infrastructure, law and order, education and even just the perception of productivity,” she pointed out.

“You may also have heard the narrative about low productivity, but now is a chance to really get behind the numbers, the meaning of those numbers and to move forward,” she added.

Nelson said the JPC has an important mission to educate Jamaicans about the importance of being productive and to implement the systems and programmes that will not only enable citizens to become more productive but to be innovative and more competitive.

“Through advocacy, consulting, research, knowledge management and technical assistance, we hope this will get us to where we need to get,” she said.

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