Protoje, Lila Ike, Sevana for Digicel Unplugged on Monday | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News

D’Music is set to go live with Protoje and some of the artistes from Indiggnation Collective on Monday, October 18, for the latest Unplugged concert.

From Protoje’s witty lyricism that took the reggae revival to new heights to the sweet sounds of Lila Ike and Sevana, the concert promises to be one music fans everywhere will not want to miss.

The Digicel Unplugged series has allowed music fans to enjoy concerts from the comfort of their homes during a time when social interactions, public outings and other engagements have been curtailed by the coronavirus pandemic.

To get fans pumped for the upcoming show, there is a specially curated Indiggnation Essentials playlist on the D’Music app. It features tunes from Protoje’s albums as well as hit singles from Lila Ike and Sevana.

The playlist features recent works like “In Bloom” and “Like Royalty” from In Search of Lost Time, “Blood Money”, “Like This” and “Bout Noon” from A Matter of Time, as well as throwbacks like “This is Not a Marijuana Song” from The 8 Year Affair and “No Lipstick” from Seven Year Itch. And, for the sirens, singles like “Batty Rider Shorts” and “I Spy” by Lila Ike and “Nobody Man” and “Mango” by Sevana are also featured on the playlist.

Music lovers can also check out the In Search of Lost Time documentary on the D’Music app, as Protoje delves into the feelings and thoughts behind some of the songs featured on the Indiggnation Essentials playlist.

“For viewers in Jamaica, this D’Music Unplugged concert makes a nice end to the Heroes Day holiday, and for music lovers across the rest of the region, consider this the remedy to the Monday blues. We’re excited to have Protoje and the Indiggnation Collective with us, both for the concert and on the app, and we know their music is one D’Music users really appreciate,” said Dawson Lewis, digital business manager for D’Music.

To watch the show, all users have to do is download D’Music, and on October 18 at 6:00 pm EST, sit back, relax, open the D’Music app, and enjoy the show.