Protoje’s ‘Lost In Time Fest’ Shut Down By Police During Popcaan’s Performance

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Fans of the Lost in Times Festival were displeased at the Jamaica Constabulary Force shutting down the event at midnight on Saturday after Popcaan hit the stage in a surprised appearance with Protoje.

The festival hosted by Protoje has received glowing reviews from attendees, but the police are being criticized for how it ended the event. Clips of the end of the event show Protoje performing his hit single with Zion I Kings, “In Life (Like Royalty),” featuring Popcaan when a female officer walks onto the stage waving her hand.

The reggae artist was performing and appeared oblivious as the female officer approached the band and waved for them to turn off the music. Reggae artist Jesse Royal is also seen attempting to speak to the officers. The police appear to shut down the festival the minute when Popcaan prepares to walk onto the stage.

“Aye this ah di biggest artist inna Jamaica,” Protoje says as Popcaan delves into his verse. The artists ignore the police as Popcaan sings, “Far me come from look pan me now.”

Protoje is also approached by someone who appears to be a production member, and he then addresses the crowd impassionately.

“Yow Jamaica dem say no more. Make sure the government know we need reggae music fi play inna Kingston,” the artist says before flinging his mic on the stage.

On Sunday morning, many fans commended the Lost In Times Festival, one of the biggest events to be held in Kingston since the COVID-19 pandemic. Others were, however, dismayed at the police’s actions during Reggae Month, when the genre was being celebrated for its global impact.

“The show did not end as planned. Popcaan had just come onto the stage. Jesse Royal and Protoje had more songs to perform. And if the show ended as planned, then it must have been the plan for the police to march onto the stage at midnight and wave their hands around,” one person commented on Twitter.

“Mek wi see if dem ago lock off the biggest reggae festival in Kingston inna Reagge Month – Protoje. They did. PAST time to build a fit for purpose concert venue in Kingston. I suspect Protoje had a 12 am cut off because anything after that would disturb Hope Pastures,” another person wrote.

“Oh wow, political campaigning with no permits have no cut off time though or rules, any kinda rules whatsoever. Loud music and carefree bikers through all towns with people sitting on car windows and on top of vehicles,” another person wrote.

“The police deliberately did that because Popcaan was there. Proving a point,” another said.

There were also speculations that cops sent Popcaan a message after his brush-up at his Unruly Festival last December. The artist was slapped with several charges after his event went over time. He pleaded guilty to the charges and paid a measly sum in fines.