Public meetings to begin for East West Environmental Impact Assessment Loop Cayman Islands

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Following the award of a $1.92 million contract to consultants Whitman, Requardt, & Associates LLP, which was approved by the Public Procurement Committee, a notice of upcoming opportunities for public consultation has been published by the National Roads Authority (“NRA”).

To give a brief background on the process, the National Conservation Council Directive says that the consultancy team, in collaboration with the Environmental Assessment Board (EAB), which is chaired by the director of the Department of the Environment (DoE), is responsible for developing the Terms of Reference for the EIA.

The purpose of the Terms of Reference document is to address significant issues of importance before the commencement of the EIA.

Regarding this, the NRA has confirmed that the Terms of Reference will be made available on the Department of Environment’s website ( for review for 21 calendar days beginning late January 2023.

Based on the NRA’s statement, during the 21 calendar day review, the NRA will make available for review a printed copy of the draft Terms of Reference at the following locations:

NRA Office – 370 North Sound Road, Grand CaymanNorth Side Post Office – 896 Northside Road, North SideBodden Town Post Office – 189 Bodden Town Rd, Bodden TownSavannah Post Office – 1687 Shamrock Rd, SavannahVernon L. Jackson Public Library & Learning Centre – 69 Bodden Town Rd, Bodden TownEast End Public Library, located at 2739 Sea View Rd, East End

The NRA said two public meetings would be held in George Town and North Side in early February 2023 at venues to be agreed upon with the EAB (chaired by DoE) to present the draft Terms of Reference.

According to the National Conservation Council Directive, the EAB shall work with the consultants to ensure that all relevant comments are reflected in the final Terms of Reference. The proponent shall provide a written response to the consultation comments, and all responses shall be appended to the Terms of Reference.

Once the Terms of Reference have been finalised by the EAB and the consultant, including the relevant concerns of the public and the National Conservation Council, the EIA can begin.

Regarding the conduct of the public meetings, the NRA confirmed that representatives from the NRA and their EIA consulting team would attend public meetings to provide information about the project and answer questions from members of the public.

Concerning the length of time for the completion of the NRA, it is believed that the EIA could take up to 18 months to complete.