RADA denounces ‘baseless claims’ of partisan fertiliser distribution Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) has rejected allegations of partisan distribution of fertiliser locally, calling such claims “entirely false and misleading”.

People’s National Party (PNP) Shadow Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr Dayton Campbell, has accused the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) of diverting fertiliser from RADA’s distribution programme for political gain, stating it is a corrupt and partisan attempt to sway the electorate ahead of the Local Government Elections.

Campbell claims that “across multiple divisions in western Jamaica” on Friday night, the JLP allegedly distributed “significant quantities of fertiliser to their political election representatives”.

In a statement, Campbell, who is also the PNP’s General Secretary, pointed to what he claimed was “the observed offloading of substantial allocations at the private residence of the JLP councillor candidate for the White House Division of Eastern Westmoreland, and at the private offices of the Member of Parliament (MP) for Central Westmoreland.”

Videos, purportedly of deliveries from a truckload of fertiliser to a particular councillor candidate in Eastern Westmoreland at nightfall, have gone viral, especially one in which Campbell is seen decrying the ‘activity’.

Dr Dayton Campbell

He is vying for the Eastern Westmoreland seat in the general elections, which are due by the latest September 2025.

Continuing, Campbell, in his statement issued by the People’s National Party (PNP), claimed that the bags of fertiliser were being delivered from a truck that is registered to a JLP official. On that score, he demanded a halt to the programme, pending an audit of the matter.

However, in a dismissal of the claims, RADA said “there is absolutely no partisan distribution of fertiliser within…  (our) operations”.

The agency said as per standard practice, allocations of 100 bags of fertiliser were made to all Members of Parliament (MPs) in rural constituencies last November, regardless of their political affiliation.

“This allocation was communicated to all MPs, regardless of their party affiliations, ensuring equal access and treatment for all rural constituencies,” RADA stated in a media release on Saturday.

“It is imperative to note that MPs are responsible for arranging their own transportation for the fertiliser provided, ensuring logistical independence and accountability,” it added.

The agency maintained that it was the third such batch distributed through the same methodology without controversy, underscoring the efficacy and fairness of its established procedures.

“Any insinuations of political interference in our operations are baseless,” RADA declared while urging stakeholders to “disregard any mischief” regarding fertiliser distribution.

To calls for the programme to be halted, the agency said it is opposed to doing so, citing the importance of fertiliser for farmers amid declining production and recent heavy rains.

“Farmers are eagerly awaiting fertilisers, anticipating a boost in production,” RADA stressed.

The agency said it is committed to serving Jamaica’s agricultural interests “with utmost professionalism and integrity”.