Rafjam provides first-class accommodation for coffee festival Loop Jamaica

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The picturesque St Andrew hills provide the perfect backdrop for the Blue Mountain Coffee Festival, which takes place on Saturday, March 25.

In addition to enjoying the great coffee products and other treats at the event, one may opt to stay in the area for a few days. The 12-room Rafjam Bed and Breakfast, which includes a bar, grill and spa, may be the ideal place.

“We offer 10-star service in the middle of the jungle. We have a beautiful property with two rivers running through it, a waterfall, a lovely garden area, and excellent rooms. When people come for the first time they just don’t expect to see this here,” General Manager Susan de Campos said of the 12-year-old boutique hotel.

Susan de Campos, general manager of Rafjam

Rafjam is located at Hopewell, which is between Irish Town, Red Light and Middleton. Coming from Kingston, you’ll reach Rafjam 15 minutes before getting to Newcastle, the venue for the Blue Mountain Coffee Festival.

de Campos admitted that the dirt road is not the best, but said one can drive on it.

“They always say rocky roads take you to gorgeous places,” she quipped.

Visitors are advised to dress appropriately, as while the days are sunny and cool, “in the nights, it is freezing cold, which allows you to sleep better,” de Campos said.

One of the rooms at Rafjam Bed and Breakfast in St Andrew.

The general manager described the Internet connection from two providers as excellent, with “Wi-Fi on the entire property”.

She is proud of the fact that meals are prepared with fresh herbs and spices, some of which are grown on the property.

Ask for their favourites, such as chicken in Red Stripe beer and chicken baked in coconut oil, she told Loop News.

The restaurant is now open seven days a week from 9am to 6pm.

Room rates are from $14,000 to $51,000 per night, with sale days of $10,000 per night for two nights minimum.

One of the rooms at Rafjam.

Rafjam’s association with the coffee festival came through its partnership with the Jamaica Tourist Board and the Tourism Product Development Company, which has helped the business in achieving compliance targets for the hospitality industry.

Coffee is very important to the area, as it is the number one income earner for small farmers, de Campos said.

She is encouraging all well-wishers, coffee drinkers or not, to experience the event.

“There will be coffee and coffee-infused products on offer, and even if you don’t like coffee, still come and learn about the industry and our community,” she added.