Red Stripe doubles down on Jamaica with $134 million investment | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News

Red Stripe this week unveiled its new employee lifestyle campus.

The six-month construction project accelerated the company’s investment in Jamaica by $134 million, providing opportunities to 19 local companies and their employees.

The best-in-class facility, which supports the company’s occupational health and wellness programme, now features a renovated state of the art canteen, a high-tech and progressive on-site sports bar, including an audio-visual room with LED screens and surround sound.

It also features a multi-purpose sports arena complete with a jogging track, basketball/netball court and an overhauled football field.

“With this investment, we are reaffirming our commitment to our employees and Jamaica,” said Luis Prata, Managing Director, Red Stripe. “Not only have we created an ultra-modern facility to support employee wellbeing, but we have also created socio-economic impact through the creation of jobs; another excellent demonstration of the fact that for every person employed at Red Stripe, 14 jobs are supported elsewhere in the economy. This project alone provided jobs for over 60 per cent of Jamaicans, sustaining livelihoods and contributing to ongoing economic activity. ”

While the Red Stripe family worked on raising the spirits of its employees, the Faith Fabrication team worked on raising the household income of a few skilled Jamaicans.

The project called for the hands and expertise as carpenters and masons were subcontracted to help with the renovation.

Martin Rose, Managing Director of Rose Painting, which provided painting services, was pleased to participate in the project as he too could provide for his staff.

“When most businesses were tightening up due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, it was full steam ahead with Red Stripe. I was glad to have been able to get the contract for the painting. That meant my workers could feed their families, and I could maintain my business through this time of instability.”