Reggae Girlz historic feat at World Cup sparks national pride Loop Jamaica

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Reggae Girlz historic feat at World Cup sparks national pride

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Jamaicans erupted into jubilation on Wednesday as the Reggae Girlz secured a historic spot in the Women’s World Cup knockout stages for the first time in their history.

The team achieved the remarkable feat following a goalless draw against Brazil in Melbourne, Australia.

Loop News took to the streets to document the reactions of Jamaicans, who brimmed with pride for their national team. The fans hailed the Reggae Girlz for their impressive defensive prowess displayed throughout the group stage, finishing second in Group F.

In a feat that astonished many, the Jamaican team defied the odds, holding strong against formidable opponents like France and Brazil, while also securing a hard-fought 1-0 victory over Panama. This achievement placed the Reggae Girlz in the esteemed company of Switzerland and Japan as the only teams to maintain clean sheets in all three group-stage matches in this edition of the tournament jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand.

Contrasting with their challenging debut in 2019, where they conceded a disheartening total of 12 goals across three games, the current World Cup performance showcases the team’s newfound resilience, maturity, and composure on the field.

As the knockout stage approaches, the Reggae Girlz are poised to embrace fresh challenges, and the unwavering Jamaican spirit continues to uplift the team.

Watch the video shot and edited by Raymon Lindsay.

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