Reports of another rape, murder case in search for Rushane Patterson Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Reports are surfacing that Rushane Patterson, was held five months ago by the police after he reportedly absconded bail in a case where he was being investigated for murder and rape.

This is nine years after a judge threw out a similar case against the 33-year-old man. In the 2013 matter, Patterson was placed under investigation for rape abduction, and murder. Reports are that case was thrown out as the witness failed to show.

Checks by Loop News have found that following that 2013 development, Patterson, was reportedly held by officials in Lucea in May 2022, after they had sent out a warning calling for him to turn in himself to answer to a case of rape and murder.

A senior police official in that parish has since confirmed the information and told Loop News that the case, at the time, was later transferred to the Corporate Area and Patterson was scheduled to appear before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

The revelation has left several social media users asking what took place between that time, as five months later, Patterson is at the centre of another investigation and has been named a person of interest in a case where the body of a social media influencer was found at a beach in St James.

There are also reports circulating that Patterson who was given until Saturday, October 22 at 5:00 pm to turn over himself to the police may have fled the island.

Senior members of the police high command have however denied the reports that Patterson recently booked a flight and left the island via one of the international airports.

In the matter in 2013, a Judge threw out a case against Patterson after prosecutors conceded that they could not find the primary witness.

Allegations were raised that on February 9, 2013, a woman and her partner were walking along Cargill Avenue in St. Andrew when they were accosted by men in a motor vehicle.

The couple was held up at gunpoint. The male victim was placed in the trunk of the vehicle and was later fatally shot when he jumped from the moving vehicle in a bid to escape.

The woman was taken to a location where she was raped and her throat was slashed.

She was left for dead, but survived and reported the matter to the Half-Way-Tree Police.

Following an investigation, Patterson was held in Half-Way-Tree Square in 2014. He was later pointed out in an identification parade.

The case was dismissed after the Crown was given time to locate the witness but they failed to do so. The Judge later dismissed the case.