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Imitrex pills and nasal spray are prescribed for treatment of migraines.

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Description about Imitrex.

Sumatriptan can pass into breast milk. Do not breast-feed within 12 hours after using sumatriptan. If you use a breast pump during this time.throw out any is imitrex sold over the counter you collect. Do not feed it to your baby.

Get emergency medical help if you have signs of an allergic reaction. hives. difficulty breathing. swelling of your face.lips.tongue.or throat.

For patients with risk factors predictive of CAD.who are determined to have a satisfactory cardiovascular is strongly recommended that administration of the first dose of sumatriptan nasal spray take place in the setting of a physician’s office or similar medically staffed and equipped facility unless the patient has previously received sumatriptan. Because cardiac ischemia can occur in the absence of clinical symptoms.consideration should be given to obtaining on the first occasion of use an electrocardiogram (ECG) during the interval immediately following IMITREX Nasal Spray (sumatriptan nasal spray) .in these patients with risk factors.

So using the shots.I have noticed that they do work really well.but have yet to completely snuff out the migraine. It gets really close.but my migraines tend to is imitrex sold over the counter on with determined white tipped fingers.

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they may be treating tension headaches or headaches related to neck tension; and in that case imitrex is probably the wrong drug.

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