Retired US army officer charged with love triangle murder in Buff Bay Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

A retired US army officer has been charged with murder in connection with the fatal shooting of a man in Buff Bay, Portland, Jamaica last week.

The accused, Emilie Lee Tracy, was charged on the weekend for the murder of 43-year-old Craig Senior, a resident of Woodstock Heights in Buff Bay.

Senior was shot dead in front of his wife on Sunday, October 9.

Investigators reported that Mr Senior was at home with his wife and daughter when the 45-year-old retired soldier drove up to the premises and called out Mrs Senior.

The wife reportedly went to the gate and told Tracy to leave, which triggered a heated argument between the two.

Mr Senior intervened and confronted the American, who is known to reside in Florida, about his presence at the home.

It is alleged that during exchange, the American pulled a firearm and shot Mr Senior in the abdomen.

The injured man subsequently died.

Tracy was later arrested in St Mary.