Rihanna Excite Fans After She Light One Up While Listening Popcaan

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Rihanna just indirectly shut down rumors she is pregnant while vibing to a Popcaan song at her party.

The Bajan superstar has a lot to celebrate this year, and she is doing it the “Bad Gal Ri Ri” way. Lots of gems were born at the Fenty Beauty mogul’s Fenty x Puma Creeper Phatty event. Not only did she reveal her personal song of the year, plans to deliver new music, and confirmation that her world tour is indeed happening, but the singer was seen having just a great night overall, dancing and vibing in the most nostalgic way that fans could imagine.

In one clip that is circulating online, we see a hyped Rihanna doing the “Unavailable” challenge after confirming that the track by Davido is top of her list this year. In the latest video that has gone viral, the singer is dancing to the Afrobeats singer’s Jamaican collaborator, OVO-signed dancehall star Popcaan’s music.

As the Popcaan song “Silence” from his 2018 album Forever blasts through the speakers, Rihanna is seen vibing with a drink and blunt in hand as she sings along to the lyrics. “Man a win in advance / Dutty bad mind yuh nuh stand a chance,” the Barbados native sang victoriously as she used a lighter to spark up.

The comment section revealed that fans are excited to see the old bad gal Ri Ri back and even more hyped that she just inadvertently confirmed that the pregnancy rumors are just that – rumors. “I’ve never [been] more happy to see her smoke. That means she’s not pregnant and we are getting music and that tour!!!” one ecstatic fan wrote. “Okay all is right with the world,” another chimed.

The viral video has also sparked a conversation about smoking mothers, with some asserting that other young moms in the industry and even ordinary moms would not be given the same pass, while many concluded that Rihanna has earned her night out and is also being responsible about it. “Babies home, probably sound asleep! Bag secured! Makeup done right and outfit on 10! That mother can do WHATEVA she wants,” a Rihanna stan declared.

Others believe Rihanna deserved to enjoy her blunt simply because she had “2 under 2,” and that likely means it’s been a very long smoke break for her. “I know she couldn’t wait!” chimed one fan. “Welcome back mama Rih,” another commented. Some fans were more nostalgic about the blast from the past with sentiments like: “They don’t call her bad gal riri for nothing” and “now thts the bad girl riri ik.”

The clip has also stirred up a conversation about the mythical R9, Rihanna’s reggae album that has seemingly been on pause for a few years. It’s being speculated that since the old Rihanna is back and in her element, then her long-awaited ninth studio album should be on the horizon.

Interestingly enough, one fan with less faith in that happening believes Rihanna will have another baby first, as the singer revealed she is (obviously) hoping for a girl next time. “This just for now more babies coming soon lol,” this fan wrote, clearly managing her expectations in light of Rihanna’s history with dodging album questions and focusing on other business ventures and family life in recent years.

All in all, the Rihanna Navy stands a very good chance of seeing a new album from Rihanna in the coming year. The singer reportedly signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Live Nation to facilitate a massive world tour, and she confirmed she will drop new music first. A source even said that Rih wants to have two albums’ worth of material before launching the tour.

It’s only a matter of time before Rihanna season is upon us.