Robbers strike at JDF camp in Moneague, St Ann Loop Jamaica

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Over $90,000 taken overnight

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10 hrs ago

File photo of a military formation.

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Thieves reportedly broke into the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) camp in Moneague, St Ann overnight on Friday and stole more than $90,000 in cash.

Reports are that the incident occurred sometime between 9:30 pm on Friday and 6:45 am on Saturday.

No one has been held in connection with the robbery.

Indications are that the culprits entered the military compound and forced open the front door to a building, which they entered and stole $93,000 therein, before leaving the premises through the entry point.

The Moneague camp is home to Jamaica’s Second Battalion, with a training ground and barracks.

The camp is said to be patrolled 24 hours daily by military police personnel.

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