Rwanda, Jamaica sign MOU on politics and tourism | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Jamaica and Rwanda signed two Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), with Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew and President of Rwanda Paul Kagame leading the discussions at Jamaica House on Friday, which was the final day of the three-day visit of the African leader.

According to Holness, both leaders led their team in discussions on a variety of issues but signed an MOU for Political Consultations and another on the Development and Promotion of Tourism. He said the discussions, which were mutually beneficial to both countries, included topics of global concerns in regional and multinational forums.

Holness said that the MOU in Political Consultations will create a structure for bilateral discussions and explores the potential for future collaboration, while the MOU for the Development and Promotion of Tourism will enable both countries to share best practices and experiences, as well as facilitate cooperation in related areas of mutual benefit.

He stated that community, rural tourism and ecotourism are some of the aspects that the MOU will seek to explore and will be developed further.

Holness said that there were also commitments for cooperation in culture, health, youth engagement, energy, and cyber security with the scope to learn from Rwanda how to market Jamaica as a place for hosting meetings, conferences and high-level engagements.

“The robust dialogue we had, builds on the areas of expertise within the respective country, allowed us to share experiences and best practices, and brought us closer, by exploring avenues to expand economic and technical cooperation,” Holness said.

“Establishing and deepening strong fraternal connections with countries of the African continent have been a strategic area of focus for Jamaica’s diplomatic engagements under my administration.

“The Jamaica/Rwanda relationship, should, therefore, be seen within the greater framework of the historical connection, not only with the continent but with Rwanda since the establishment of diplomatic relations in November 1998,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kagame called the discussions productive and stated that the Political Consultations MOU will facilitate the enhancement of collaboration in key areas of mutual interest, while the Development and Promotion of Tourism MOU will enable both countries to learn from each other to make the industry more resilient and rewarding for the citizens.

“The wheel does not need to be reinvented. We are already members of key international organizations such as the Commonwealth and the Organisation of African, Caribbean and the Pacific States and we can leverage these platforms for mutual benefit.

“We should also work together on the global stage, to advocate for policies of particular relevance to our people and the climate change mitigation is a notable example. When the will to work together is strong, even distance cannot separate us or slow us down,” Kagame said.