Ryu Dan Foundation holds civil-rights seminar

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Linda Hinds on behalf of The Ryu Dan Empowerment Foundation said the seminar is part of the Working Together to Promote Community Change Project. – Photo by Grevic Alvarado

“It is necessary for people to know what their rights and responsibilities are,” said Linda Hinds, representing the Ryu Dan Empowerment Foundation, “especially in these moments when we share, locals and migrants together.”

She spoke at the opening of a seminar the foundation held on civil rights and responsibilities aimed at the local community and migrants.

It took place on Saturday at the Ryu Dan headquarters at Railway Road, Enterprise. More than 20 people from different social and community organisations participated.

In the first of three sessions, Michael Griffith talked about basic rights under the law and basic human rights.

In the second session, activist Sabrina Mowlah-Baksh discusssed civil liability. Lastly, former trade unionist and MSJ political leader David Abdulah spoke about workers’ rights.

Hinds highlighted the importance of community participation in such activities.

Attorney Michael Griffith spoke about basic rights under the law and basic human rights in the first session of the seminar. – Photo by Grevic Alvarado

The seminar was the fourth in a series that forms part of the Working Together to Promote Community Change Project and seeks to inform locals as well as Venezuelan refugees and migrants of their fundamental human rights and privileges under the law of TT.

Hinds said they also seek to explore the idea of ​​civic responsibility within the framework of TT and facilitate discussions on issues surrounding workers’ rights, fair work, and exploitation, especially concerning, but not limited to, Venezuelan migrants.

Hinds also highlighted the support of the entire work team of the foundation so that all the activities of the programme could be carried out successfully.

Ryu Dan Empowerment Foundation is a multicultural community-based NGO established in 2013, dedicated to supporting the social, educational, and physical development of all, for a healthier, safer and more respectful community.

It uses its innovative sport+ (plus) model as a counter-violence narrative to address social needs: learning and teaching techniques aimed at enhancing and encouraging self-regulation, creativity, improved academic ability, life skills, excellence, and becoming credible messengers who can influence others promoting the physical and social development of participants.

It uses martial arts as a vehicle for change and a tool for social inclusion and integration encompassing a holistic development programme.

It aims to build community resilience by bringing Venezuelan migrants and locals to participate together in its programming.

Current programmes include: martial arts/self-defence training; conversational English and Spanish-language courses; art therapy for children and teens; public education seminars/workshops; and Support Educate and Empower Women (SEEW).