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… schoolmates receive grief counselling

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6 hrs ago

Anchovy High students being comforted by a teacher on Monday morning. 

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Grief counselling got under way at Anchovy High School in St James on Monday morning following the murder of 14-year-old student Randeno James, who was gunned down while sheltering from the rain at a bar on Friday evening.

The bartender was also shot and injured during the attack.

Reports from the police are that at about 6:30 pm, grade eight student Randeno, also called Deno, of Marl Road, Montpelier in the parish, was playing football in his community when he went into a bar to seek shelter during a downpour.

Two men alighted from a motor car that drove up, and they opened fire on the occupants of the bar, hitting the teenager and the bartender.

The men then escaped in the waiting motor car. 

Other patrons escaped injury.

Randeno and the bartender were taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead, and the bartender was admitted.

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