Scores of J’cans against 3-people NHT mortgages that Holness announced | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Scores of Jamaicans have expressed mixed reactions to Prime Minister, Andrew Holness’ recent announcement that the NHT Act will be changed to allow up to three contributors to apply for a two-bedroom or larger unit.

In response to Loop News’ weekly Let’s Talk feature, which took a street snapshot of Jamaicans’ view on the issue, majority of those who were interviewed say they did not support the move.

“This is the saddest move the govt could ever put forward. Housing is soooooo expensive and almost unachievable for the average citizen, it needs all of 3 persons for 1 deygey deygey house. Wonda a wah size house dem a sey wi 3 ppl can apply fah,” Mandie Hall said on Facebook.

“If I was married and my wife is working yes I would join with her but no other circumstance. Three is a crowd…when fall out occurs and dem want their ‘share’ of the house that I live that resolve?? Smh…,” Wesley Smith added in another social media post.

“Nope..that’s barbaric NHT. I have 2 kids how would that work? Who tell you guys that others want any partnership with another,” K Grandvil Burke stated.

“Good luck in the court system when it falls apart.. years and years of litigation and separating from each other. Lawyers will be the winners there,” Sherri Gayle said.

Some said they have done it before and will not be venturing into anything like that again, as they have had difficulties in a variety of ways with the individual that they purchased the house with.

“I did. It’s the worst mistake I’ve ever made. Right now I’m paying both rent and mortgage just to have a peaceful life,” Heather Esson stated.

In the Let’s Talk video, several people also expressed concerns about taking up the three-people application offer when it becomes available.

Most said they would only do it with family members, which is part of what Holness said would be among the criteria.

There were, however, some people, both on social media and in the Let’s Talk video, who believed that it is a good decision to pool with their family members, while others were even sceptical of their relatives.

“This is why we can’t move forward…we don’t want to unite and we don’t want to pass down our assets only rich people mi see collaborating and passing on their assets.. only the poor wants the whole cake for themselves,” Andre Shirley said.