Seprod donates to Robert Lightbourne High School for World Milk Day Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

In celebration of World Milk Day, an initiative established by the Food and Agricultural Organisation to promote milk as a global food and to celebrate the dairy sector, the Jamaica Dairy Development Board held a special event at Robert Lightbourne High School in St Thomas, near the Trinity Ville area.

The school is located just a stone’s throw away from Serge Island Dairy Farms.

Representing Seprod Group’s CEO Richard Pandohie and Treson Henry, the Quality and Operations Manager at Serge Island Dairy Farms, presented the donation to Ricardo Morgan, the Principal of Robert Lightbourne School.

While addressing the crowd, Treson shared, “We know you had requested 12 animals, but today we are handing over a heifer and a bull to support the school’s agricultural program.”

The cost of a heifer and bull is valued at $245,000.

The generous donation from Serge Dairy Farm will bolster the agricultural education and hands-on learning opportunities for the students at Robert Lightbourne High School.

Robert Lightbourne High School is a co-educational secondary school built in the 1970s and currently accommodates 263 students.

Principal Ricardo Morgan thanked Seprod for their support, noting, “This will kickstart our agricultural program which we hope will build more opportunities for our students. We have approximately 263 students, and each student must be enrolled in agriculture from seven right up.”

The idea is to create more job opportunities in the agricultural industry. The donation of the heifer and bull will be integrated into the school’s agricultural programme, allowing students to gain practical, hands-on experience in dairy farming and cattle rearing.