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Met Service issues warning for marine interests

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The Meteorological Service on Wednesday afternoon announced that a severe weather alert is in effect for Jamaica, issuing a bulletin with a warning for marine interests.

According to the bulletin, a strong tropical wave is producing an area of disturbed weather east of the southern Windward Islands and is about to enter the southern Caribbean Sea.

The wave is reportedly showing signs of becoming better organised and, according to the Met Service, there is a high potential for development into a tropical depression over the next couple days.

As the disturbance moves west-northwestward toward the central Caribbean later this week, there is an increasing threat of severe weather to Jamaica as it moves close to the island and over territorial waters by Saturday morning, the bulletin said.

It is also likely that it would be a tropical cyclone at that time, the Met Service said.

“Fishers on the cays and banks are further urged to complete their preparations and be on the alert to evacuate,” the Met Service said.

It also said it will continue to monitor the progress of the system,

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