Shaneil Muir’s Ex-Fiance Denies Stealing $1.7 Million From Her, She Respond

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Shaneil Muir and her ex-fiance

The ex-fiance of “Top Gyal” artist Shaneil Muir is denying that he stole more than a million dollars from her after she revealed earlier this month that they were no longer together and warned her fans to be wary of scheming men.

The Jamaican artist has been making moves and sharing her life with her fans recently. She revealed this week that she bought a BMW X6 SUV to add to her fleet which includes a Mercedez-Benz GLE, which has generated much talk online. The artist appears to be in better spirits more than a month after she hinted that she and her mystery man were no longer together after revealing that she was engaged in March last year.

Shaneil Muir first revealed that she was in love and praised her unnamed fiancé after celebrating the opening of her clothing boutique in Montego Bay last year. In November, she also posted him for the first time. Fans, however, had much to say about the gentleman, but Shaneil defended him, saying he was her “cup of coffee”, which may not be the flavor or taste others liked.

Shaneil Muir

The relationship, however, ended abruptly, as Shaneil hinted in an interview that she was no longer engaged to be married to the mystery man. She seemingly hinted that the reason might have been his planning to steal her money.

In an Instagram post she wrote, “Ladies, you affi careful a who you call you man. Them we f**k you while a plan up how fi teef yuh 1.7 million. Wicked dem, trust none. God has a bigger plan.”

In a TikTok video circulating on Friday, the young man denied that he stole her money.

“Mi want unnu fi believe inna youth. Mi nuh know nothing about money weh get thief. And we nuh fraid fi jump pan dem thing yah fi make unnu know neither. It’s a normal pree enuh. Memba, anybody can say anything. You understand? If me and the B have a problem mi nuh need fi fawud pan yassuh come chat a bag a things, no, no a b***ty man style,” he said.

He also cautioned his fans to avoid approaching social media to address their relationship problems.

He added that he was a private person and didn’t believe in using social media, but he wanted to address the allegation.

“Mi nuh know about no money that get tek so mi just a make unnu know still,” he added.

Meanwhile, Shaneil has yet to respond directly to her ex-fiance. However, she replied to a fan under a Tropixs post questioning whether she was the problem, given that she publicly addressed the breakdown of the relationship with her mother and her fiancé.

“Shaneil Muir and smaddy always ina problem, me a start fi wonder if a she a the problem,” one commenter said.


Shaneil also had a sarcastic reply for the commenter- “Bwoiii me de ya a wonder the same thing yah, me mentally unstable and no have a good sound of mind and sometimes delusional so it could be a possibility.”