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Krissan Green talks sheep rearing.

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Sheep rearing has not been very popular in Jamaica, even though ‘mutton’, the meat of the sheep, is pretty much regarded as a delicacy locally.

But ask almost any Jamaican about ‘mutton’ and you will hear how they love curried goat, not sheep.

With that traditional inaccuracy being etched on local menus, sheep meat has long managed to get into the local diet, but largely under the guise of ‘goat meat’, a widely held synonym for ‘mutton’ in Jamaica.

So it is not surprising that the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Mining is actively engaged in sheep rearing as one of its displays at the Denbigh Agricultural, industrial and Food Show in Clarendon.

Among the personnel on hand to give an insight into the sheep business is Krissan Green from the Hounslow station in St Elizabeth, who took Loop News through the overall drill and nuiances of the business.

Interestingly, she said sheep are far easier to manage than goats, but there are some important factors relative to sheep to be kept in mind.

Follow the outline from the lady and learn more about the real mutton, a now popular substitute for the good old Jamaican goat meat.

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