Shenseea: From bottle girl to getting booked to perform at Dream WKND Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

An emotional Shenseea took to Instagram on Sunday after her Dream WKND performance to talk about the progress she’s made since being a “bottle girl” at the same event six years ago.

The ‘Blessed’ singer said in an Instagram post on Sunday: “From a bottle girl to getting booked to perform! @dreamwknd … Follow your dreams, no matter what!”

She recounted that she was “a bottle girl serving the patrons at this specific event (Daydreams) busting my *ss to get as much tips as I could to feed myself and my kid”.

Acknowledging that her journey has been long, the ‘The Sidechick Song’ singer wrote that she is grateful to her team and Shenyengz for the support as she pledged to achieve even more.

The post to Instagram on Sunday reiterated what she shared with the patrons at Daydreams All White event on Saturday, when she told those gathered for one of the parties in the series of events sponsored by Campari that it was a “very bid moment” for her.

“Six years ago mi deh at dah same party yah a do bottle service. All White [party], yeah, walk up and down and try to get as much tips as I could to feed miself and son, and now mi deh yah and me get booked to perform. If that a nuh progress, mi nuh know what is,” Shenseea said.

She added: “Mi work hard, day and night, fi reach weh mi deh.”

From being a “bottle girl” to being one of the headlining acts for Dream WKND and an international artiste Shenseea, whose real name is Chinsea Lee, is making her mark on the entertainment industry.

Some of her popular songs include ‘Shenyeng Anthem’, ‘Good Comfort’, and ‘Can’t Anymore’.

Dream WKND, which is organised by Dream Entertainment, is a set of events that sees patrons partying for five days in Negril.

The event officially kicked off on July 28 with Celebrity Playground and will see a total eight events held between the Kool Runnings Water Park, Wavz and Long Bay Beach, to an end on August 1 with Igloo.