Shenseea in JFF drop, adds ‘Xodus’ vibe to ‘Flava’ feat Coi Leray Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

This week in Shenseea news, the dancehall princess dabbles in football and drops new music video.

She fronted a new JFF campaign and kit drop on one hand and captured the essence of Caribbean culture in her latest music video, featuring rapper and singer Coi Leray.

Don’t add footballer to her list of talents, just yet however, the Shenyeng Anthem deejay, only starred in the campaign as part of her many ways of supporting the Reggae Girlz.

A day ago, Adidas Football introduced the 2024/2025 Jamaica home and away kits, and the pre-match jersey to football fans, the world over.

Smack dab amid the Reggae Girlz’s photo session was the Hit & Run singer, who was juggling in her downtime behind the scenes with popular footballer Khadija ‘Bunny’ Shaw.

In addition to ‘Bunny’ Shaw, fellow Reggae Girlz ballers Becky Spencer, and Drew Spence also starred in the campaign, aimed at promoting the three new designs.

Other Jamaican footballers from the Reggae Boys squad were featured in the campaign, too, namely Damion Lowe, Shamar Nicholson, and Bobby Reid.

Shenseea on the truck for Carnival Road March 2024, April 27 in Kingston, Jamaica. (Photo: Contributed)

Then, back to The Rock, in a display of musical fusion and cultural celebration, Shenseea’s decided to include bits of her Xodus Carnival experience into her new music video.

Flashback to Carnival in Jamaica in April, when Shenseea seized the spotlight and performed in the Xodus Carnival costume, Regency.

The singer incorporated elements of the dancehall/carnival culture in the Flava music video, alongside rapper Coi Leray.

From the exuberant parade to the intricate costumes and vibrant street celebrations, Flava viewers are transported to the heart of Kingston’s cultural epicenter.

Romeich Major, Shenseea’s Manager, shared that Xodus’ inclusion in the video is a result of the artiste wanting to showcase the vibe of the Caribbean.

‘By collaborating with her favorite band, Xodus, she infused the essence of Caribbean vibes into every frame, creating an electrifying fusion of music and culture. Her teaming up with Coi Leray adds an exciting dimension to the project, promising an unforgettable visual and sonic experience for her fans worldwide. This collaboration is a testament to Shenseea’s commitment to celebrating her roots while pushing the boundaries of creativity in the music industry,’ Major stated.

‘As a cornerstone of Caribbean culture, Xodus Carnival is honored to be featured in Shenseea’s latest music video,’ says Kamal Bankay, executive chairman of Xodus Carnival.

The Xodus Carnival Company aims to leave its mark on carnival celebrations across the Caribbean as well as international regions, and as such, the band has partnered with Renegade Mas in the Cayman Islands for CayMas 2024.