Shenseea Leads Effort To Help Jamaicans Affected By Hurricane Beryl

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Jamaican artist Shenseea is showing compassion for her fellow countrymen. On Friday, she revealed that she’s spearheading relief efforts in St. Elizabeth along with Romeich Major following the devastating effects of Hurricane Beryl on the parish.

Hurricane Beryl has caused destruction along Jamaica’s southern coastline, especially in Manchester, Westmoreland, St. Elizabeth, and others. St. Elizabeth has suffered much damage to crops and livestock, and most homes in the parish were damaged or completely destroyed during Beryl’s passage, whose eye wall sat over the parish on Wednesday into Thursday.

As the government of Jamaica coordinates relief efforts, Major revealed that Shenseea plans to visit the food-producing parish where her family hails.

“Remember me say one team, one dream… Shen Yeng say ‘Romeich spend the money good’ and we spend it. She ago St. Elizabeth with her friends and families tomorrow. We ah go down to help the people as best. See it deh, likkle care package, likkle thing,” he said.

Shenseea is seen in the background packing food products into bright green shopping bags. The bags contain bread, Honey Bun, Grace, and other essential items such as discounted plyboards donated by LP Azar company, tents and tarps, nails, shovels, water boots, rope, drinking water, and other things.

The music manager said his artist team, including Shenseea and Ding Dong, was personally going to make the deliveries.

Shenseea also posted an update showing them loading up the truck.

“We a come help who we can help,” Shenseea said. “St. Elizabeth I’m coming back. We have some snacks for the kids, some tinned food since light nuh deh bout,” she added.

The Jamaican artist appeared to be on the island during the passage of Hurricane Beryl, the first hurricane to affect the island in recent years. The Andrew Holness-led government is still to reveal a full assessment of the damages. However, Floyd Green, Jamaica’s Agriculture and Fisheries Minister and the Member Parliament of Southwest St. Elizabeth, shared updates over the weekend that the storm had significantly affected people whose roofs were blown off and many crops and infrastructure were destroyed.

The death toll from the storm has been recorded as two so far.

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