Shocked postal workers find snake inside parcel | Loop Jamaica

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Terrified postal workers noticed a parcel moving — and found a deadly king cobra wriggling around inside.

The worried delivery workers saw the box moving on its own with a loud hissing noise coming from the inside on March 22.

The package was labelled, ‘Do not expose to sunlight,’ and had two holes pierced on either side. The postal system reportedly recorded the parcel as a ‘necessity item’.

However, staff at the company, ‘J&T Express’, called a local animal rescue team who opened the box to reveal a deadly 13ft-long king cobra inside in Khon Kaen province, north-east Thailand.

As the zipper broke open, the venomous snake slithered out of the bag and lunged at the rescuer several times. Using a pole, the man quickly caught it and placed it in a container.

National Park wildlife rangers carried the reptile away with them to wait for the recipient to come to collect it and face questions from police about why a snake was being sent in the post.

Staff Saranrat Nakhonsri, 31, said: “The parcel arrived in Khon Kaen within the last three days. It was about to be delivered, but then it started to move on its own, so we called the customer, and he said the item inside is a snake.

“We don’t normally open anything unless something strange happens. No living beings should be delivered via post. We don’t even want to accept plants as they may be damaged because of the weather. The company will not be responsible if it dies or gets damaged.”

Police Colonel Preecha Kengsarikit said an investigation was started, and the sender, who lived in a different part of the country, had been arrested.

The policeman said: “We have already contacted the owner of the snake. The person will be prosecuted as it is illegal to possess protected wildlife.

“Sending a snake through the post is extremely dangerous to the snake and people who have to handle the box.”