Shokryme drops ‘Change For The Better’ EP after time in prison Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Dancehall artiste Shokryme has released his new EP ‘Change For The Better’, marking another milestone in his career.

The seven-track set was unveiled on today via the Slang Bang Records imprint, with contributions from various creatives, including New York-based award-winning producer CJ The Chemist, responsible for his 2017 hit ‘Gold’.

The inspiration behind Shokryme’s latest project, ‘Change For The Better’, is deeply rooted in personal growth and reflection.

In 2020, the artiste faced a significant setback after being convicted on firearm-related charges and subsequently serving a three-year sentence.

Amid the challenges of the pandemic and his incarceration, Shokryme used the time to introspect and visualise his musical aspirations. Fuelled by a desire to improve his life, he decided to bring his vision to fruition once he was released.

This led to the birth of ‘Change For The Better’.

The EP features a single collaboration with contemporary Laden on the track ‘Way Off’, showcasing the dynamic synergy between the two talented artistes.

The deejay promises fans more diversity, clarity, and self-reflecting messages in this latest body of work, all delivered with his signature lyricism and style. Additionally, fans can expect a delightful twist of pop influence on one of the tracks, adding a unique dimension to the project.

‘Change For The Better’ will be distributed by OneRPM, ensuring that the project reaches a global audience and cements Shokryme’s place as a rising star in the music industry.

With his redemption story woven into the fabric of this EP, he is set to captivate hearts and minds as he showcases his growth as an artiste, father and a man. This release marks an exciting new chapter in his journey, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the transformational journey promised.