Sign to be erected Kingston, public still divide on $12m Negril item Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Mayor of Kingston said plans are advanced for the erection of a city of Kingston sign in the vicinity of the Waterfront, downtown Kingston.

The announcement comes at a time when members of the public have been expressing mixed reactions to a $12 million sign that was unveiled in another section of the island, Negril, welcoming travellers to that area, dubbed a Jam-Iconic Experience.

Mayor of Kingston, Senator Councillor Delroy Williams, made the disclosure during a meeting of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) at the entity’s Church Street offices.

The sign in Kingston is intended to promote the city as a desirable visitor destination, business location and a place to call home.

“We have been working on a city of Kingston sign since 2017…we put out our first design on social media to invite the public to participate. We received a lot of recommendations and feedback, which we have incorporated into what the sign is now,” the Mayor said.

He informed that dialogue has been undertaken with representatives from the Urban Development Corporation (UDC), Central Government, the Port Authority of Jamaica as well as private sector partners regarding the erection of the sign.

“We really want to get this sign up as fast as we can… and I believe that we are pushing to have it within months now. Of course, we would have to start the process of procurement,” he said.

He noted that Councillors will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the sign, noting that some have already done so.

Senator Williams said the sign will tie into the transformation of the Waterfront and the general downtown redevelopment.

“Where we really wanted to put the sign was in the Harbour, that was our original thought, but as you know, that it is quite an expensive venture that we could not undertake, so we are putting the sign on land,” he said.