SMC Group brings global music workshop to the C’bean | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News

The SMC Group has announced the virtual return of its highly successful global music workshop ‘Lunch and Learn’, this time focusing on the Caribbean and Latin American markets.

The workshop which will feature industry experts from the SMC Group will give regional brands, marketers and advertisers a better understanding of global best practices for using music and talent to influence their marketing as well as earn revenue directly from their creative collateral.

“We have been working in entertainment procurement with major global brands for over 20 years and we started this workshop series because we wanted to share what we’ve learnt and the best practices that multinational brands like Coco-Cola and Unilever have been using to amplify their marketing messages. The region is rife with creative talent so we are looking forward to sharing what we know about using music and talent with them,” said Maurice Hamilton, Global CEO of The SMC Group.

Having already conducted similar workshops in South Africa, The United Arab Emirates, Italy and several Asian regions, Hamilton expects the Caribbean and LATAM version of the workshop to dive into best practices surrounding using music and celebrity talent, who the key players are, music licencing and how brands can use their marketing content to generate revenue.

“Of course, due to the global health pandemic we have to host this workshop virtually but that also allows us to host persons from across the region instead of one location, which is a huge positive. We are looking forward to sharing what we know as we continue to work to export the abundance of talent that we have here in the region,” Hamilton said.

The free virtual workshop will be held on Wednesday, November 17, 2021, and will be open to brand managers, marketers and public relations agencies. Persons looking to be a part of this creative workshop are invited to contact the SMC Group’s Head of International Business Steven Bartolo at [email protected].